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Let’s get Tattoos!

What if the Gallghr Clan got tattoos as some weird bonding adventure? This is one way it could go!

GREG would realistically have to be drunk to get a tattoo. And if he was drunk, I think he would find this witty. Maybe not. It’s hard to picture him with a tattoo.

ANDREW (Me) would definitely get something geeky and anything Doctor Who related, like the blue TARDIS, is a safe bet. And I would want it on my back so I didn’t have to look at it if I got sick of it.

BRITTANY would get the finger mustache. She has some obsession with mustaches and this would allow her to have a comical one whenever she wanted. She may even get different mustaches on different fingers.

JOE would get John Mayer tattooed on his arm. Don’t deny it Joe, you would.

MOLLY might also get the finger mustache, but she also loves Perry the Platypus, and ankle tattoos are all the rage these days.

Oh and to answer your question, Greg, Joe and I did all modeled for those pictures and yes we are that physically fit. Even more so. Really.


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